4.4: Superhighway Home with Andy Berke


Andy Berke, senior Biden administration official and U.S. special representative for broadband with a mission of internet access and equity, joins host Lynda Woolard to discuss his recent trip to Louisiana. While here, he attended the inaugural Louisiana Internet for All Summit where he announced big digital infrastructure investments for our state and spoke with Louisianans in rural as well as urban areas to find out what issues we’ve been experiencing with connectivity. Acknowledging that high speed internet is now a part of critical infrastructure, President Biden has made a pledge that every American – including every person in Louisiana – will have access to affordable, reliable high speed internet.

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While many of the new investments in Louisiana’s infrastructure are just getting started, there is already an option to visit http://affordableconnectivity.gov to apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program, which helps provide more accessible and affordable internet service to lower income households.

Read more about efforts to close Louisiana’s digital divide in the Alexandria Town Talk:

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