January 31, 2023

Bonus: Demystifying Party Chair Elections with Professor Handwerk

Louisiana Lefty has been on winter break, but recent events with the Louisiana Democratic Party prompted us to quickly put out an episode to address some of the questions about how we get state party leadership. On this episode, host Lynda Woolard and “Professor” Stephen Handwerk break down how we get – or change – a Louisiana Democratic Party chair.

Action Lefty No. 10: The New Chief Twit

Louisiana Lefty is on winter break, but still releasing mini-pods. On this episode, host Lynda Woolard acknowledges the pitfalls that exist for digital organizing on Twitter now that the platform has been purchased by a so-called free speech absolutist and conspiracy theorist, and suggests some common sense security measures users can take to protect themselves. Find more Louisiana Lefty content

Action Lefty No. 9: Use Every Trick Arrow in your Quiver

Louisiana Lefty is on winter break this month, but we’re still releasing Action Lefty mini-pods. This week, host Lynda Woolard goes over some of the simple ways – besides phone banking and text banking – you can use your smartphone to help your favorite candidate. Make sure you are following Louisiana Lefty on your favorite podcast platform, and help us