BONUS: A Better Democratic Party with DSCC Members

Creating a functioning Louisiana Democratic Party is an existential issue for the survival of our state. (No hyperbole.) We are in a moment where we should be having friendly but clarifying conversations with each other, current DSCC members, and potential chair and executive committee candidates about the future of the party. Check out our DSCC FAQ ONE SHEET: Read

BONUS: Bridge to the Future with Davante Lewis

This week we’re sharing a short bonus episode with some inspiring words from Friend of Lefty, Public Service Commissioner Davante Lewis. After the disastrous results of our October 14, 2023 Louisiana primary elections, we held a couple of live Zooms with Democrats interested in change at the state party. We’ll be distilling that content for release in our next episode.
October 10, 2023

6.5: The Good Landry with Mandie Landry

Heading into the 2023 statewide gubernatorial primary elections, Representative Mandie Landry returns to the podcast to address host Lynda Woolard's top issues for Louisiana: Climate, Insurance, and the state of the Democratic Party. Read The Gambit's “Busted and Blue: Recent Elections have voters wondering where the Louisiana Democratic Party has gone” Learn more about the fortified roof program: Learn