Action Lefty No. 8: Decarcerate Louisiana

Louisiana Lefty is on winter break, but still releasing mini-pods. On this episode, host Lynda Woolard speaks with Maria Harmon and Laramie Griffin of Decarcerate Louisiana, as they recount what went wrong with the November 8th vote on Constitutional Amendment 7, which sought to remove slavery from our state constitution. Little was known in Louisiana about the fact that we
December 6, 2022

4.10: Freedom Fighter with Omari Ho-Sang

On this episode, Omari Ho-Sang, North Louisiana organizer with Black Voters Matter, talks to host Lynda Woolard about the 365-day-a-year work of movement building, the possibilities for big progress in the state, and the fact that there is a role for every person to play in moving us forward. Email Omari to find out more about partnering with Black Voters