6.5: The Good Landry with Mandie Landry


Heading into the 2023 statewide gubernatorial primary elections, Representative Mandie Landry returns to the podcast to address host Lynda Woolard's top issues for Louisiana: Climate, Insurance, and the state of the Democratic Party.

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Learn more about the fortified roof program: https://ldi.la.gov/fortifyhomes

Learn more about the oyster shell program: https://www.nola.com/news/environment/new-restaurant-tax-credit-could-boost-oyster-shell-recycling

Listen to Rep. Landry's Season 1 interview with Louisiana Lefty: Warrior Strength and Endless Compassion

Connect with Mandie Landry via her campaign.

Learn more about her work: https://mandielandry.com/legislation

Volunteer or donate: https://mandielandry.com/take-action

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