5.2: A New Home for Democrats with Kirk Green


On this episode, host Lynda Woolard continues her efforts to demystify state Democratic Party politics by speaking with Kirk Green, a long-time party official, a current DSCC member for District 69 in Baton Rouge, and an educator who wears many hats in his teachers’ union. We discuss the 2020 party leadership elections, the previous and current state party administrations, and what needs to happen to move us forward.

Connect with Kirk at [email protected] if you’d like more info on the Democratic State Central Committee.

For more details on the upcoming state party official elections, check out our Bonus Episode: Demystifying Party Chair Elections

Lynda wrote about the 2020 state party chair election for the Bayou Brief: How Do We Get A Louisiana Democratic Party Chair Anyway?

Check here to find how your Democratic State Central Committee member voted in the 2020 Democratic Chair race: 2020 DSCC Chair Votes

Find your state party representatives on the Louisiana Democratic Party website: Our Party: Our Leaders

Look up information on past and upcoming Democratic Party elections on the Secretary of State website: Get Election Information: Search For Candidates

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