2.10: The Cure to el Everything with Dr. Catherine Desmarais


Epidemiologist Dr. Catherine Desmarais talks to host Lynda Woolard about her work in public health to address the coronavirus pandemic. We discuss how the virus has been purposely politicized. Then Catherine offers facts to help listeners make good health decisions for themselves, to debunk myths that have circulated out of misunderstanding and fear, and to counter disinformation that’s being spread intentionally to divide us.

Links to Trustworthy Resources and Data on Covid-19, Vaccinations, and Masks:

Nerdy Girls’ Dear Pandemic

Your Local Epidemiologist (YLE)

Louisiana Department of Health Covid-19 Dashboard

CDC Guidance for Coronavirus

CDC Parish-Level Data for Covid-19

V-safe After Vaccination Health Checker

Understanding Breakthrough Infections Following Vaccination

Mask-wearing and Control of Covid-19

Masks Do More Than Protect Others

Mask Use and Ventilation to Reduce Covid-19

Quack Watch

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