Action Lefty No. 7: What Comes Next?


Louisiana Lefty is on summer break, but we’re releasing mini-pods. This week, we’ve got clips from an advocacy event we did last week, based on a piece host Lynda Woolard wrote for the Bayou Brief in response to the overturn of Roe by the Supreme Court. We had Deon Haywood, Executive Director of Women with a Vision, speak about what’s happening in the Reproductive Justice space in Louisiana. We had State Representative Mandie Landry address what’s been going on with our legislature and in the courts. And our host spoke about ways Louisianans can contribute to Democratic wins in the midterms such that we can restore our federal protections for the people of our state, which have shielded us for years, and which we desperately need back.

Watch the full recording: What Comes Next? Advocacy Zoom

Read the article in the Bayou Brief: “A Fight Worth Having”

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