1.8: Never Yield: Louisiana Forever with Westley Bayas


Political strategist and media consultant, Westley Bayas III, and host, Lynda Woolard, discuss paid media for campaigns, give advice for progressives considering a run for office, and underscore the importance of utilizing modern campaign techniques to level the playing field in Louisiana.

You can connect to Westley’s work at https://berlinrosen.com/campaigns/ and https://bit.ly/3aw0Te9

As promised, here is the photo of his costume: http://bit.ly/39vERs5

Thanks to Ben Collinsworth for producing Louisiana Lefty, Jennifer Pack of Black Cat Studios for creating our Super-Lefty artwork, and Thousand Dollar Car for allowing us to use their swamp pop classic, Security Guard, as the Louisiana Lefty theme song.


Transcript is coming soon!