BONUS: Demystifying the DSCC with Professor Handwerk


While Louisiana Lefty is on summer break, “Professor” Stephen Handwerk, former executive director of the Louisiana Democratic Party and current DSCC member, as well as political consultant and strategist to the Association of State Democratic Committees on behalf of state parties, joins host Lynda Woolard for a bonus episode to break down the roles and responsibilities of the Democratic State Central Committee (the governing body of our state’s Democratic party).

For those interested in running for a seat on the DSCC, qualifying is in December for elections that will take place in March of 2024. State party chair and executive committee elections will be voted upon by newly elected DSCC members at the first general meeting of the body, most likely held in April of 2024.

Stay tuned for our next two bonus episodes to learn more about what makes a successful state party and how coordinated campaigns work.

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